08-03-17 News of the Week

Dear Friends:

Here is the news of the week:

  • It has been a another busy week at St. Mark’s even without UConn in session.  Rev. Brian has moved his office into what was formerly the Library.  The office used by Hilary and Ben is now the “Library/Conference Room.  At the moment it is a tight squeeze but it will be made user friendly soon.
  • Rev. Brian is in the office Monday-Thursday with Friday as his day off.   He is also in the office on Saturday mornings for those who might like to have a chat and are unavailable during the week.
  • VBS starts Monday at Storrs Congregational Church.  Parking for drop off and pick up will be here at St. Mark’s.  The VBS Celebration Service will be held on Sunday, August 13 at Storrs Congregational  at 10am.  There will be no 10am service at St. Mark’s on that day.
  • Coffee hour hosts are needed for this Sunday.  Lemonade and cookies are available but volunteers are needed to set up.  Thank you for offering this hospitality.
  • The new school year approaches, people will be moving to the area and church shopping. Please encourage anyone you meet to try on St. Mark’s and one of the best pieces of information to share is that we have child care every week!  Our dedicated team of Rebecca Knauf, Johanna Eichner, Nate Oehler and Elle Schauffhauser make the Sunday morning nursery fun for all.  Hours are from 9:45am-12noon.  This gives people time to meet and greet and enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • More construction updates:  Work has begun here and big digs are going on.  Next will come the interior work that needs to be done including the removal all parts of the temporary heating system installed many years ago.  This means the propane tank on the lawn will eventually disappear.

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Best wishes,   Linda