Community Concert Series

balm in gilead concert flyer pic

A Balm In Gilead, the new recording by soprano Tiffany Jackson, pianist Rex Cadwallader, bassist Mike Asetta and drummer Arti Dixson, was conceived by Cadwallader as a pairing of two different and distant styles of music, spirituals and freely improvised music (or “free jazz”). Spirituals predate the beginnings of jazz in New Orleans by fifty to a hundred years or even more, while avant-garde jazz originated in the mid- to late 1950s. The fusing of these two seemingly incompatible styles in the inspired musical hands of Ms. Jackson and the trio of Cadwallader, Asetta and Dixson breaks new ground and perhaps creates a new musical language.

Ms. Jackson sings these spirituals fervently, preserving the original roots and intentions of the songs. Her soaring operatic voice preserves yet reinterprets these iconic works while Cadwallader on piano, Asetta on bass, and Dixson on drums open wide the gates of creativity with their wildly inventive and heartfelt improvised accompaniments.

Cadwallader, Asetta & Dixson are also showcased on five improvised pieces (Trialogues 1-5) by the trio.

This is a new music, a new genre, vital and fresh, filled with the passion and joy of the creative and the created.

All donations from this concert will benefit the Quiet Corner Refugee Resettlement group.