About Us

We’re a community of tradition (with a contemporary twist), that is friendly as all get out, values our children, and strives for justice and peace.

Friendly as all get out.
We have a bit of a… reputation. People constantly tell us that we are one of the friendliest communities they have ever visited. And we have to admit: it’s true. Be prepared for people to introduce themselves to you when you enter, during the Peace (a time during the service when we exchange greetings with one another), and invite you to stay and talk with us during coffee hour after the service. We love getting to know new people. We also understand that some people just want to slip into church and slip out without much conversation, so if that’s where you are, please know that is fine with us, too.


We strive for justice and peace.
We believe that our relationship with God must be lived out in our relationship with the rest of God’s creation. Stewardship of our planet, living compassionately with others, championing the dignity of all human beings, and celebrating diversity are among our central values. We live this out through our interfaith partnerships with other worshipping communities, our commitment to marriage equality for same-sex couples, our global focus and partnership with Rwanda to learn about the process and hope of reconciliation, and thousands of other large and small ways that we follow God’s call to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.

We celebrate our children.
Kids are always welcome, and our most child-friendly service happens at 10:00am on Sunday mornings. Nursery care is available year-round during the entire service, and Sunday School is available for all age ranges. We have toys, stuffed animals, coloring books, and play packets available at the front entrance for any little ones who need a bit of extra companionship during any of our services.







Tradition… with a twist.
When people come to St. Mark’s church for the first time, the first thing they often notice is the unique style of our building. It won an architectural award when it was built in 1955 and was designed to look from the outside like a ship. Yes, a ship. Jesus often referred to the Holy Spirit as a paraclete, a Greek term for a large ship that would tether itself to smaller ships to accompany them on the sea, keeping them stable and on course. The ship is one of the most ancient symbols of Christianity, reminding us that it is God who tethers our boats.

Before even entering St. Mark’s, it is clear that this is a community that blends ancient tradition with the contemporary world. You’ll find this combination in how we worship, as well as how we talk about God, and our commitment to social justice.



Wherever you are on your faith journey,
you are welcome at St. Mark’s.