12-1-17 MORE News of the Week!

Dear Friends:

More news:

  • UConn construction update on North Eagleville Road from the project manager:   Manafort, the site contractor on NER, will be prepping all areas of NER that are unpaved this Saturday and Sunday to be ready for paving next week.  The operations are mostly just spreading and compacting the subbase materials and should not be  highly impactful on any of you.  Starting on Monday, Manafort will be paving all unpaved areas and should finish late Tuesday or sometime Wednesday.  They will then follow up with pavement markings later next week.  Work will continue the following week on sidewalks and other restoration.  The sidewalk work will only be in front of Hillel, St. Thomas, and St. Mark’s.  Progress but everyone’s patience is so appreciated.
  • Christmastide is a season when St. Mark’s is beautifully decorated in celebration of the Nativity of our Lord.  Poinsettias and a variety of plant material transform the church.  Donations may be made in memory of departed friends and loved ones as well as in Thanksgiving for special person, events or occasions important to you.  Your Sunday bulletin has the request form in it and all requests are due by Monday, December 18.
  • Many thanks to Gale and Jim Morrow for hanging the beautiful banners in the church as part of the Advent observances.  Designed and painted by Zoma Spivak, they dance ever so gently when the heat is rising and shimmer in the sunlight.
  • The Church Office will be closed on Monday.

Best, wishes, Linda